• 16mm 2″ Film Core

    16mm 2″ Film Core. For use with split reels to wind film into a roll. Manufactured by Christy’s

  • 16mm 2″ Film Core (used)

    16mm USED 2″ Film Core. Alternative to new core. With wear and possible tape residue and/or markings. Variety of colors.  For use with split reels to wind film into a roll.

  • Placeholder

    16mm 2000′ White Trim Box

  • 16mm 3″ Archival Film Core

    16mm 3” Archival Film Core. Manufactured by Christy’s

  • 16mm 3″ Film Core

  • 16mm 305 Clear Splicing Tape – Double Perf

  • 16mm Academy Leader Clock Style

    16mm double perforated Academy leader

  • 16mm Clear Guillotine Splicing Tape – Non-perforated

    Clear tape.  For Guillotine Splicer. 5/8″

    Manufactured by Christy’s

  • 16mm Leader Roll – Double Perf

    Leader available in polyester, plastic or acetate.

  • 16mm Leader Roll – Single Perf

    Polyester Leader

  • Placeholder

    16mm Plastic Can (non-archival)

  • 16mm Plastic Reel


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