What is the challenge getting your project off the ground?
Our team has 150 some-odd years of combined experience in tv and film editing (don’t make us run the actual numbers…) and have seen pretty much everything. We know how to help you plan your budget, manage your entire post workflow, and still make your delivery and hit your numbers. We can even help solve the problems you didn’t even know you were going to have.
So…none of your 12 editors and 6 story producers want to leave their cozy post-Covid home workspaces, eh?

Don’t waste your money renting space. We can host all of the Avids and storage you need and get everyone connected and supported remotely.

BAM. Like magic.

So you’re close to picture lock on an extremely tight schedule, when your whole city block loses power. If you can’t finish edit and get the AAF to mix, you’ll miss air.

Christy’s will come pull the ISIS out of the server room at your facility and bring the whole damn thing to the mix house.  We’ll even set up an Avid in the hallway if  it means you finish the cut and get it out.

You’re finding that no matter what you do you’re constantly behind when it comes to ingesting field footage in time for the editors to start working the next day.

Instead of bringing in another AE, Christy’s will look at your existing plan of attack and probably find that by adding a relatively small and inexpensive server and storage into the mix you can MUCH more effectively ingest the footage.

We’ll bet within a matter of days you’re not only covered for edit, you’re syncing and grouping much earlier.

Now you’ve got almost 100 Avid Systems at your facility (some owned, some rented from us). We’ve got everything running for you very smoothly around the clock but we’re not satisfied we’ve done enough.

We treat our clients like partners, and are always looking at not only how our clients can better utilize their infrastructure, but also what future needs they might have.  We’ll break down how you can save money and be more efficient for archiving and asset management.  No pressure, we’re only here to give you top-level information and our expert suggestions – which most often result in a few small changes and investments that end up saving you a ton on both personnel and equipment.


We’ve got hardware, software, peripherals, furniture – everything you freaking need. And it’s all backed by our kick-ass customer support, available at your beck and call. Quite literally – your beck. And call.