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We’re Christy’s, founded in 1969 by two brothers and still run by family like a family.

Dick and Dan Christy, founder of Christy's.
JUNE 1947 – SEP 2017
JUNE 1936 – SEP 2022
Craig Christy, president, and JJ Nigro, vice president.
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we’ve seen EVERYTHING under THE sun

when it comes to post-production...

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...and probably know better what you need than you do.

Well, that’s awkward..

we’re smart AND stealthy

Think of us as a bunch of post-production tech ninjas who quietly slay tech emergencies and can also help you tackle your budget, hash out workflow and solve all kinds of problems you didn’t even know you were going to have.

Christy's Tech Ninja

Working with Christy’s feels like you’re working with family, if you really really love your family. They have the best techs, equipment is state of the art, and they will patiently guide you through ALL of your post production needs.

Andrew Arthur

The Christy’s team empowers me with the knowledge that no matter what I come up against in this zany business, I’m not alone. My confidence as a post executive has reached new heights because of the partnerships I’ve been lucky enough to have formed with JJ, Craig and the entire Christy’s crew. I can’t imagine working in post production without them.

Eric Towler
Director of Post Production

There is not an hour of the day that we haven’t called on the technical expertise of the team at Christy’s to help us through power outages, air conditioning failures and leaky roofs, let alone the usual needs of a 24/7 television production company and post facility. They help us stay current with the latest camera, software or new fangled gadget, all while keeping things on budget and schedule. Christys is a partner in our business and treats our needs as their own.

Neil Coleman
SVP of Post Production - 3Ball Entertainment

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Christy’s Editorial team for more than 10 years. In that time, they’ve provided the latest, greatest post production technology available at a moment’s notice. They’ve got a great, convenient space in Burbank, and truly top-of-the-line tech support like I’ve never experienced with any other post production company. They really are the best of the best.

Jim Barrett
Executive Producer - EDGE Creative

Because we’re family.
And that’s what families do

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